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Yay, it compiled. Whats next?!

Example Programs

After compiling you should end with some example programs within the build/bin directory.
All programs require the environment variable GPU_VOXELS_MODEL_PATH be set to the folder, that contains the example files (gpu_voxels/models)

  • collisions – Shows various ways to collide maps
  • distance_kinect_demo – Calculates a distance field on Kinect data and measures distances in it
  • heightmap_loader – Shows how to convert 2D png images to voxel-geometries
  • urdf_loader_ros_listener – Animates a robot model via ROS joint topics
  • shift_vs_transform – Demonstrates performance gain when shifting voxelmaps
  • robot_vs_environment – High Level API example
  • swept_volume_vs_environment – Kinect collision Detection against a Sweep
  • sandbox – Shows the usage of the primitive_array Data type
  • octree_provider – Command line interface to the main functions of GPU-Voxels. To collide live Kinect data with a virtual Robot model, execute this:
    ./bin/octree_provider -shm 0 -m kinect_live -resTree 20 -resFree 20 -resOcc 20 -mem 1024 -fps 30 -c -shm 1 -m load_pc -f ../packages/gpu_voxels/models/robot4cmRes.pcd -resTree 20 -resFree 20 -resOcc 20 -x 20 -y 180 -z -10