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Usage as a library

You convinced me, the lib is cool. But now I want to use it in my way!

Use GPU-Voxels in own projects

Do a make install to export the Binaries and the required headers into the export directory to link against them from another Build-Environment. We use this with ROS, where we generated planning and collision testing nodes that link against the ic_workspace.

You should not install into your system pathes, which would require root-rights. Instead you may specify an install directory via running cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/my-home/my/gvl/install/dir
In your own project add a FIND_PACKAGE(gpu_voxels REQUIRED) and point cmake to the install directory of GPU-Voxels: cmake .. -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/my-home/my/gvl/install/dir/
You can find an example in the GPU-Voxels base directory, example_how_to_link, including a README.txt


  • You get errors like No os_mem implementation defined for this platform. when including ICL headers in your own project?
    ==> You are missing a precompiler define. Add add_definitions( ${icl_core_DEFINITIONS} ${gpu_voxels_DEFINITIONS} ) to your own CMakeLists.txt