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New Logo for the GPU-Voxels library

I am happy to present our new logo for the GPU Voxels library:

GPU Voxels Logo

Special thanks to Timothée Büttner for creating this nice piece of art!

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Upcoming Tutorial

Dear participants of the GPU-Voxels Tutorial at IAS 2014!

We are pleased to announce a brand new version of the library that we were working on during the last months.
Lots of time was put into restructuring the code and into adding a high-level interface to make it easy to use the power of GPUs for collision detection.

Here is a list of prerequisites, if you want to try our software on your own computer:

  • You need a 64 Bit operation system, preferably Ubuntu Linux
  • CUDA >= 5.5 and an according NVidia driver
  • Your GPU must have a Compute-Capability of 2.0 or greater
  • If you want to play with live data from an RGBD Sensor, you will need the PCL and OpenNI
  • To play with your own robot model, bring an STL Model of it
  • Also for voxelizing your own models, get a copy of Binvox ( or

Unfortunately the software is not yet available on a Code Hosting Platform, but we are working on that. Till that point you will receive a copy at the conference.

See you on Tuesday, July, 15th in the DONATELLO (TTU7) conference room from 14:00-18:00!

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Tutorial at the IAS Conference

We will give a tutorial on our work on “GPU based Voxel-Collision-Detection for Robot Motion Planning” at the 13th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems and hope to welcome you there.

IAS Conference 2013 Padova

Find more information in the Tutorials section.

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Hello world!

This place is about an open-source Software-Package that deals with real-time evaluation of point cloud data for the purpose of Robot Motion Planning, based on the massive parallel computational power of GPUs.

As soon as the software is publically available, we will add a forwarding to a Code-Hosting service.

This Website is under heavy construction. Please come back after April, 1st to find more information. Thanks!

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