Upcoming Tutorial

Upcoming Tutorial

Dear participants of the GPU-Voxels Tutorial at IAS 2014!

We are pleased to announce a brand new version of the library that we were working on during the last months.
Lots of time was put into restructuring the code and into adding a high-level interface to make it easy to use the power of GPUs for collision detection.

Here is a list of prerequisites, if you want to try our software on your own computer:

  • You need a 64 Bit operation system, preferably Ubuntu Linux
  • CUDA >= 5.5 and an according NVidia driver
  • Your GPU must have a Compute-Capability of 2.0 or greater
  • If you want to play with live data from an RGBD Sensor, you will need the PCL and OpenNI
  • To play with your own robot model, bring an STL Model of it
  • Also for voxelizing your own models, get a copy of Binvox (www.cs.princeton.edu/~min/binvox/ or http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~min/binvox/download.php?id=4)

Unfortunately the software is not yet available on a Code Hosting Platform, but we are working on that. Till that point you will receive a copy at the conference.

See you on Tuesday, July, 15th in the DONATELLO (TTU7) conference room from 14:00-18:00!

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