We proudly present version 0.3 of the GPU-Voxels Lib

We proudly present version 0.3 of the GPU-Voxels Lib

Here it is! A new version of the GPU-Voxels Library!

Most important change: It compiles with the recent Version 6.5 of CUDA.
Get the release at https://github.com/fzi-forschungszentrum-informatik/gpu-voxels
The reminder of the changelog reads like this:

V 0.3 (2015-02-26):
- Made changes in the include structure to allow compilation with CUDA 6.5 
  (no longer trying to compile Boost-SharedMem-Headers with NVCC)
- Added datatype "PrimitiveArray" to quickly visualize helpers like thousands of spheres or cubes.
- Added InsertMetaPointCloud option to give each sub-cloud an own voxel type
- Function to sync a MetaPointCloud back to Host Memory
- Speed up in clearing VoxelMaps
- Added an optional offset when intersecting maps. So you can move one map relative to another before intersecting them.
- Added parameter to Kinect Interface to support the new PCL interface where a Cam ID has to be specified.
- More documentation in Octree kernels
- Added more operators for primitive data types
- Added Binvox as file format to generate Pointclouds
- Added Example program to demonstrate the insertion of IBEO Sensor Pointclouds
- Added missing config file for example program that intersects live Kinect data with a robot model (RobotVsEnvironment)
- Open Issue: Flickering colors in Visualization


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