The 1.0 Release is there!!

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The 1.0 Release is there!!

Voxel Victory

Hello GPU-Voxels users!

It is my pleasure to finally announce Version 1.0 of my framework and invite you to download or update it.
As always you find the new release at GitHub.

The most visible new features can be found in the visualizer, which now has an interactive right-click-menu to change settings and a bunch of new info text overlays.
In the background some bugs were fixes and smaller convenience features have been added (see changelog below for details).


Happy coding,



Changelog for Release 1.0: Added mouse GUI for visualizer (GVL4TW edition)
API breaking changes:
- PrimitiveArrays
  - Fixed the interface by adding metric AND Voxel commands. Fixes issue 41.
  - Renamed the enums for the PrimitiveArray types.

Major changes:
- Changes in CUDA CMake setup
- addMap() now returns a GpuVoxelsMapSharedPtr. Fixes issue 43.
  Throws a std::string in case of error (thanks to Herbert Piertrzyk).
- Generalized collide function of VoxelLists to work with VoxelMaps. Fixes issue 33.
- Fixed relative paths in URDF loding. Fixes issue 30.
- Visualizer:
  - Added a Right-Click-Menu in the visualizer (thanks to Herbert Piertrzyk). Fixes issue 35.
  - Added a bunch of info text overlays (thanks to Herbert Piertrzyk). Fixes issue 26.
- Implemented converter to create BitVectorVoxels from DistanceVoxels.
- Added a scaling function for PointClouds.

Minor changes:
- Improved API stability for DistanceMap computation (Thanks to Christian Jülg).
- New boost test cases:
  - Transformation of PointClouds
  - Collide functions for VoxelLists with VoxelMaps
  - Improved tests for DistanceMaps
- New examples:
  - PrimitiveArray interfaces
- Added div operator for Vector3i / float
- Added mul operator for Vector3f * Vector3f
- Added abs operator for Vector3f
- Added setters for rotations and translations for Matrix4f
- Fixed the SharedMemory transactions between Provider and Visualizer
- Right click info for Voxels in visualizer now also works on VoxelLists

Other changes:
- New coarse model of the SCHUNK SVH hand
- Documentation updates
- More CMake output, when libs can not be found
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